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Welcome to my Snaps page!!
I’m not traveling much like the other bloggers.  You know, one weekend they’re in Italy, two weeks later they’re in Los Angeles, then they’re flying to NYC for a book signing, or taking a cross-country road trip a few weeks after the book signing…you know what I mean.  I’m not traveling like that, as yet, but someday I’ll get there!
Instead of deleting this page, I changed the name from Travel to Snaps.  Snaps is my photography page where you can get a little taste of what I do and what surrounds my life.  Taking pictures is so much fun, and thank God for cell phones that allow you to point and shoot when the occasion calls for it!!  A majority of my food pictures are taken with my husband’s Nikon DSLR; some with my iPhone 6, and it’s because I can be lazy at times and don’t feel like digging out the DSLR, or it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing, and I can just easily whip out the iPhone.
But anyway, my first post on here is a recap of my summer, and boy what a summer it was!!  We started the season out with a train ride and ended it with a train ride!  I think this would be the summer the tot will remember…or if she’ll even remember anything…she’s only 2…LOL!
Now that the leaves are beginning to change and the crisp, cool mornings are making their way in, there will be more pics to come!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I love eating wedding cake….which reminds me, I gotta make one for a friend who is getting married soon!!  But that’ll be for another post!



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