Thin Mint Cake

Since the last time I’ve posted, I’ve been drowning in Girl Scout cookies. Alex completed her first year selling and it was quite successful! So many boxes jammed into my compact car and in the garage, and I probably gained 10 pounds from eating thin mints and from this cake.
I love thin mints a bit too much. I don’t order any other GS cookie (except Samoas for Mike, and on rare occasion, Trefoils). But anyway, I wanted to do something with the thin mints besides eat them. I was in a cake mood and decided to do a Google search for a good recipe to use. I found this one from Your Cup of Cake. Oh my goodness, no wonder I made it five times!! The cake is nice and moist, and adding the sour cream and eliminating the oil for margarine to the box mix made it work so well! The frosting is obviously my favorite part: Finely crushed thin mints are blended in to finish off the cake. Keep a few cookies so you can use for garnish, or eat them, whatever you choose!
I’ve been wanting to make this cake visually pleasing for this post, which was why I haven’t posted a thing about it yet, except on Instagram. If you follow me there, you’ll see the other 4 cakes I’ve made. The one I made for my friend was the best one. The 4th one had chocolate ganache on top which did not ooze the way I wanted it to. Plus after stirring it once the chocolate melted, I thought it all melted, but as I poured there were still clumps in it. It was still delicious though.
This 5th cake was my last ditch effort at chocolate ganache. I don’t do ganache very often, and thank goodness it looks tons better…then came the finale. The ganache poured out of the measuring cup too quickly and I lost control of it. One side of the cake was covered in chocolate, but it isn’t a bad thing! I was able to get a decent picture of the not-so-chocolate-covered side and it still tasted great!
Nope, there will not be a 6th cake, unless I’m asked to make one. I’m pretty much burned out on thin mints..LOL!
Get the recipe over at Your Cup of Cake and enjoy!

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